basel wayfinding identity

Working with a feasibility research team from the city of Basel comprised of architects, tourism specialists, city planners, and traffic specialists, the original wayfinding designer from 30 years ago, a proposed redevelopement of the pedestrian wayfinding system was designed and presented to the city of Basel.

The concept of the pedestrian wayfinding system integrates the current system, but also integrates the public transportation signage already in place. Combining both the readily available public transportation maps (Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe (BVB)) and the pedestrian wayfinding structures into one easy to navigate system, illiminates redundancy of signage and information. 

The Basel Wayfinding System signage includes four structural elements, the largest with an 
interactive touch screen component. The concept of utilizing color components and icons within the maps allows for an easy visual connection to the type of information sought; the green accent color on the wayfinding structures correlate with Basel's green trams to easily distinguish and identity the structure as related to public information. Adding English translations (clearly denoted in italics) to the signage gives more tourists access to the information.

Marked by clear typography, easily identitied structures, and visual icons, the Basel Wayfinding System works intuitively within a city already marked with maps for tramlines and connections, and a separate wayfinding system, and seemlessly integrates them into one easy to navigate system.